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Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express 5 IMAP Account

Learn more about IMAP

1. Open the Outlook Express

2. Go on the Tools menu and choose Accounts

3. Click on Add & choose Mail, and a wizard will pop up.

4. Please follow the wizard, typing in your (a) name, (b) e-mail address , (c)

(d) set the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) to and the Incoming (POP3) to (e) User Name is your FULL email address (f) type in Password.

5. After following the wizard, click FINISH , close the window and restart the program.


Using IMAP folders

1. Connect to the Internet
2. Open Outlook Express
3. Set up IMAP Account
4. The following pop up appears :

5. Press YES
6. The Following appears


7. Click once on the and press Go to
8. Outlook Express will download the messages and display them under this folder

9. In this folder you can see all the messages you have on the server. To delete a particular message, Right Click on the message and choose Delete. After choosing which messages you want to delete, go to Edit and choose Purge Deleted Messages (see below)

By choosing this option the messages selected to be deleted, are deleted directly from the server
You cannot recover that particular mail again!!!

Now you can synchronize your web-mail with Outlook.  Web-Mail can be viewed at your domain name on port 3000.  Example.




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