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Welcome to Louisiana's Most Innovative Web Hosting Company on the NET


Custom Website Design

Including Flash and Coldfusion


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 WINDOWS Web Hosting Web
 Starter Pack  Consumer Pack  Super Pack
 $420/ per year  $480/ per year  $600/ per year
 50 MB  100 MB  250 MB
 1 GB Traffic  2 GB Traffic  3 GB Traffic
 5 POP3 Mail (10MB/each)  10 POP3 Mail (10MB/each)  20 POP3 Mail (20MB/each)
 Web-Mail  Web-Mail  Web-Mail
 ASP, Perl 5  ASP, Perl 5, Java  ASP, Perl 5, Java
 Page counters  Web stats  Coldfusion
 CGI-BIN  CGI-BIN  Sub. Domains
 More features...  More features...  Much more features!
 (FTP) File Storage - Securely Access/Backup your data from any browser! Web
 Starter Pack  Consumer Pack  Super Pack
 $520/ per year  $840/ per year  $1,425/ per year
 1 GB  2 GB  4 GB
 $.52/MB  $.42/MB  $.35/MB
 Unlimited Transfers  Unlimited Transfers  Unlimited Transfers
 WEBSITE Design Web
 $45/ per hour  $80/ per second  $90/ per hour
 Samples...  Samples...  
 Turn Key Quote...  Turn Key Quote...  Turn Key Quote...
 LOGO Design & Desktop Publishing Web
 Logo Design  Desktop Publishing  Mini CD Business Cards
 $400/ per logo  $45/ per hour  $45/ per hour for design
 10+ 1st critique  Brochures, Menus, Business  1-25 CDs: $10.00/each
   8+ 2nd critique Cards, Letter Heads, Ads,  26-50 CDs: $8.00/each
   3+ 3rd critique Coupons, Banners, etc...  51+ CDs: $6.50/each
 High Resolution    Includes Professional
 Saved in several formats on CD.    label and sleeve!
     *Auto-start menu!
     PowerPoint with Video!
 Samples...  Samples...  An impressive solution for
 Turn Key Quote... Turn Key Quote...  presentations and resumes!
 WINDOWS Troubleshooting & Networking Web
 PC General/Troubleshooting  Network Solutions  Custom Built Computers
 On-site  On-site  Call 337-344-0111 for a quote.
 $40.00/ per hour  $75.00/ per hour  All systems have a 3 year
 2 hour minimum  2 hour minimum  warranty.

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