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Online Manual Now Available.
The Online Manual covers information from how to use the control panel, to script configurations. This section also offers free downloads of some very useful tools!
Click Here for the Online Manual

Upgrade or Add features to your account.
Need more tools for your hosting account? Click Here to upgrade or add features to your


Email Setup - MS Outlook Email Instructions Click Here

Contact Tech Support
Please fill out the form below and press Submit Tech Support Request to submit your technical support request. Reply time is 1-2 hours, however we ask to allow a 12 hour response time limit.

Tech support is for customers only. We provide tech support for related hosting issues only on our servers. We do not support any additional scripts you install into your hosting package, however will provide you with basic information in order to help you get your scripts working.

If you are having a problem please try to be specific. Tell us the exact steps to duplicate this problem. Please include the name and version of the software you are using. If you are having problems with an e-mail account tell us which one you are referring to, etc...

If you are having trouble reaching your site, please make sure you include the results of a traceroute.

Network Status and Reports.
Please Click Here to learn about server status. This area will always post network status or any issues that will be coming up.

We will e-mail your reply as soon as your question(s) have been addressed.

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